RacecarQuarterly: Winter 2021

2021 is here and the sunshine is starting to show through the snowy clouds, bringing new ideas and new opportunities! As always, we’re thrilled to be able to help our clients forge deeper connections with their audiences through emotionally engaging media.

So what exactly have we been up to? So glad you asked!

As always, we’re producing a number of excellent audio series for a number of excellent clients. Here are some recent highlights:

We’re very happy to announce the launch of Fish of the Week! our collaboration with the Alaska office of the US Fish and Wildlife Service!

It’s a fun, fast-paced show that gives you a real education about the amazing aquatic wildlife of Alaska, in the context of trading fish stories with two smart and funny friends.

New episodes have been released every Monday since January and will continue through the end of the year!

Listen and learn more here, or wherever you get podcasts:

Racecar Radio’s own The Big Shut-In now has more than 30 episodes of intimate, long-form interviews with everyday people all around the world dealing with the craziness of socially-distanced living. Subscribe now, and you won’t miss our first anniversary episode in just a few weeks!

Listen here and on all your favorite podcatchers:

The latest episode of COVID University New York talks about the challenges of mass vaccination:

And the newest NETWise pays tribute to some often-heralded heroes: family caregivers of the seriously ill:

We’re extremely proud to announce that Lost NYC – the latest season of Gotham Center and Open House New York’s Sites and Sounds series – has won the Guide Association of NYC’s 2021 Apple Award for best audio series!

1,000 congratulations to all our partners on the show and all the other winners!


Listen to the series here:


We’re taking the challenges of COVID-safe video production in stride, and continuing to tell important stories for important organizations!

We’ll begin with several new projects for one of our favorite clients, Brooklyn’s Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School

To start with, we created two new promotional pieces for the school – one aiming to recruit new students by showing how they’ve maintained academic excellence and continued to provide a supportive, nurturing environment despite the pandemic: 


And a second specifically aimed at supporting their scholarship fund:


And also, we had an absolute blast creating this music video to show the excellence of their performing arts program!



We were also very pleased to collaborate with our friends at Great Believer to create a new fundraising video for the excellent Guttmacher Institute, who are working every day to fight misinformation about reproductive rights and women’s health.



Finally, we’re thrilled to welcome Kelsey Kohrs, who joins CR full time as Production and Marketing Manager! She brings a passion for client services and a deep knowledge of the complete podcasting ecosystem. We’re thrilled to have her!