David quoted in The NonProfit Times

Despite the constant growth of podcasting over the last ten years, many of those interviewed in this article for The Nonprofit Times still fail to see the power of this medium for nonprofit organizations! CitizenRacecar’s Creative Director and Founder, David Hoffman, knows better and contributes some thoughts about three major podcasting advantages:
? They can go anywhere. Unlike a video or a blog post, people engage with podcasts while commuting, doing chores, cooking, or even walking the dog.
? Podcasts are intimate. The audience develops what feels like a close relationship with the hosts of shows they tune into regularly.
? They are a long-form medium that’s available to most content creators. Listeners tune in for 30, 45, 60, or even 90 minutes with it weekly (and even multiple times a week!).
Podcasting has strengths that no other media share.
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