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At CitizenRacecar, our close-knit group of artists includes producers, writers, editors, sound engineers, and filmmakers who boost forward-thinking organizations by creating emotionally captivating media. If you’re a creator who likes humans, we invite you to check out our career opportunities and reach out about becoming a member of our team. You won’t even have to move to work with us. Really.

Current Openings

Podcast and Multimedia Producer

July 8, 2022

CitizenRacecar is seeking a talented audio producer/editor/storyteller/engineer to join our team. Come work with us to create unique media about science, nature, medicine, economics, and much more!

1. Be a nerd. We want someone with a curious intellect who loves taking deep dives into fascinating, esoteric subjects.
2. Have a great ear for narrative. Words and phrases order to understand how to put in the right and effective make them clear. Also paragraphs. Whole pages, too.
3. Have experience editing audio in a DAW and producing professional-sounding results, especially in the realms of podcasting and/or radio

And it would also be awesome if you:
1. Have experience editing video
2. Have experience composing music and/or doing original sound design

Full Time
Fully Remote
Starting salary of $55k/year + heath insurance reimbursement
Unlimited time off
Great colleagues
Interesting projects

Send resume and links to work samples to

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Every piece of media we produce has one goal – emotional engagement. How can we get best response from the most important audience? What do they need to feel so they can be inspired to take action? So how can we help you?

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