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At CitizenRacecar, our close-knit group of artists includes producers, writers, editors, sound engineers, and filmmakers who boost forward-thinking organizations by creating emotionally captivating media. If you’re a creator who likes humans, we invite you to check out our career opportunities and reach out about becoming a member of our team. You won’t even have to move to work with us. Really.

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Producer/Story Editor – Podcasting and Multimedia

June 25, 2021

We are seeking an exceptional copywriter to support both our output of client content and our own marketing and promotional strategies. The right candidate will have a flair for emotional storytelling, as well as an interest in science, new media, current events, and education. This position will involve a high volume of story editing in support of our podcast series. They will be a producer who is responsible for conceptualizing and maintaining the vision of these programs.

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Every piece of media we produce has one goal – emotional engagement. How can we get best response from the most important audience? What do they need to feel so they can be inspired to take action? So how can we help you?

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