Company Values

We really like what we do.

We’re proud of our work and are continually striving for improvement.

We’re not huge fans of snark, sarcasm, and irony, and instead strive to make things that are clear, sincere, smart, helpful, witty, and joyful.

We thrive on attention to detail.

We are committed to using our abilities to help make the world more beautiful, more equitable, and better-informed.

We actively reject working with clients who espouse or support racism, misogyny, queerphobia, 
religious intolerance, violence, abuse of power, willful ignorance, thoughtlessness, quackery, con artistry, disinformation, demagoguery, authoritarianism, or any other form of hatefulness.

We actively pursue work with organizations that stand for education, science, medicine, understanding, mutual aid, conservation of the natural world, the humanities and creative arts, and other sources of good, truth, and light in our lives.

So say we all.