Infinite Dial 2021

The 2021 edition of Edison Research and Triton Digital‘s perpetually indispensable #InfiniteDial survey came out last week, and the news is excellent once again for podcasters:
– Americans love of podcasts continues to grow: 78% of the population over age 12 are “familiar” with podcasts, 57% have listened to one, 48% have listened in the last month, 28% percent (80 million people!) in the last week.
– Those weekly listeners? They listen A LOT: an average of 5 different shows, 8 episodes total in the last week alone.
-Listenership is almost even across genders: 51% male, 48% female, 3% other/nonbinary (darn close to the overall makeup of the country – 48%M, 49%F, 2%NB), and skews heavily to people under 35, pointing to continued strength in the future.
Podcasts are a powerful medium, and they keep getting stronger!

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