Call for Participants

It sure has been a challenging year for the arts, but with increased vaccination many venues are starting to open again, at least in a limited way. We wondered – what is that like from the inside? What does “safe” look like for performers and audiences? How do you make art when the city’s entire infrastructure for doing so is either completely closed or struggling to reopen? How do you program a season that will speak to people who have been through all of THAT?
CitizenRacecar and Racecar Radio are planning a new podcast series that shows how the performing arts organizations of New York City are answering these enormously challenging questions and finding ways to do what they do once again – theater, dance, music, comedy, and more in huge venues and tiny ones and everything in between.
Do you represent an arts organization or venue that would like to be featured? Please drop us a line, we’d love to talk to you! Write Tania Mohammed, Producer,