RacecarQuarterly Fall 2014

Fall 2014


The Greenlight Bookstore Radio Hour is going strong, featuring interviews with writers like David Mitchell, Elizabeth Gilbert, Lev Grossman, Tom Rachman, and Damon Galgut. Check it out here, and never miss an episode by subscribing here on iTunes or Stitcher.

Boy are we lucky. We’re always adding amazing new artists and producers to our list of favorite collaborators. Come, meet them!


Our own favorite renegade playwright, Michael Shaw Fisher, flew out from the coast to spend some time at the CR booth at Philanthropy Day, Long Island.

We’ll be spending the winter exploring the Science of the Brain In two exciting new podcasting projects for our friends at the New York Academy of Sciences:

First, a look at how lysosomes, the “recycling centers” in your body’s cells, could hold the keys to treating and even curing deadly neurodegenerative conditions. Co-sponsored by the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation.

And second, in collaboration with the Academy’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Initiative and The Dana Foundation, a comprehensive 5-part series about Alzheimer’s Disease, a condition that debilitates millions of people every year – what it is, how it’s currently treated, and the research that holds out the most hope for the future.

Subscribe to the Academy’s podcast series to have new episodes automatically downloaded to your computer as they’re published!


We’re thrilled to have begun working with the Global Alliance for Community Development. They’re an innovative organization that’s making a real difference in the lives of hardworking people in West Africa and beyond, and we’re proud to help them find new and better ways to tell their story. News and updates soon!