Fish of the Week!

Fish of the Week!

The US Fish and Wildlife Service

Our Challenge: In 2020, the Alaska Office of the Fish and Wildlife Service issued a nationwide call for proposals to produce a podcast series that would “celebrate the diverse, and culturally significant fish/fisheries in Alaska, and our imagination lit up…

There are other podcasts about fish and fishing, of course, but how could we make something that

1) stood out from the crowd

2) presented all of the wide range of topics implied in that brief, from the biology and ecology of wild fish to fishing as sport and commerce, and

3) would appeal to a wide range of listeners, even people who have never before cared about fish and fishing?

The Solution: We saw immediately that the proposed hosts for the series had tremendous on-air chemistry, so we built a show format that would highlight their interaction. Described by some as “Car Talk goes fishing”, Fish of the Week! features the dynamic duo of professional fish nerds Katrina and Guy as they explore the fish species of the United States one by one with a huge range of expert guests––from researchers to policymakers to anglers amateur and professional. In these deeply informative but also fun and energetic 30- to 40-minute episodes, released every Monday, they pay particular attention to the ecological challenges faced by the animals they highlight, and also the relation of fishing and fisheries to native people all around the country.

Results: Originally conceived as part of a one-year celebration of the 150th year of fisheries management by USFWS, the response to the series has been so overwhelmingly positive that it has been renewed multiple times and is now entering its fourth year with no signs of slowing down. Nationwide enthusiasm from the series inspired an expansion of it’s subject matter from the fish species of Alaska to fish all around the USA.

Recognition for the show includes a 2022 Golden Post Award for “Best Government Podcast”, and a shortlisting for a 2023/24 Anthem Award for “Sustainability, Environment & Climate – Podcast or Audio”

New episodes released every Monday all year long on Apple, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.

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