Halloween 2021 – Three Spooky Podcasts!

Run for your lives! It’s PODCASTS! With spooky season firmly upon us and ghosts and goblins roaming the land in search of audio content, we thought we’d share a spine-tingling trio of recent podcasts to put you in the proper mood!
First up – the gang at Fish of the Week!” (our collaboration with the US Fish and Wildlife Service) are getting into the spirit with the chilling real-life tale of zombie salmon! You’d think alive vs. dead would be a binary system when it comes to fish, but the truth is more complex (and much more interesting). Learn all about it at https://www.fws.gov/alaska/pages/fish-of-the-week and wherever you get your podcasts!
Next, Tania Mohammed and the team at Act Two, New York bring you a story of classical music being performed in the creepiest possible venue – the catacombs of a real working cemetery. So what’s it like, particularly in the wake of a global pandemic, to perform surrounded by the dead? Remarkably transcendent, it turns out. Hear all about it at https://racecarradio.com/act2ny/violins-corpses-and-candles-pubicquartet-and-death-of-classical and on all your favorite podcast apps!
And finally, in terms of professional terror, nothing beats being the victim of a successful cyber-attack. All is going along normally and then… poof! Your data is held hostage by real-life ghouls! On the latest episode of The Balance, which we co-produce with Brand K Partners, a nonprofit organization falls victim to an attack like this and lives to tell the tale, with the help of some expert online vampire hunters. Hear the story and get some useful treats for not being tricked at https://www.brandkpartners.com/podcast/ and on all your favorite podcast apps.