Giving Tuesday 2023

At CitizenRacecar, our mission has always revolved around uplifting those who make a positive impact in the world. In that spirit, this Giving Tuesday we’re shining a spotlight on the remarkable nonprofits that we’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout the last year. Without further ado, here are ten remarkable organizations (in alphabetical order) truly deserving of your support!

ALS Association
Every day, 15 more people in the US are diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which causes devastating deterioration of the motor neurons in the brain and spine. The ALS Association has worked for decades at the forefront of research and advocacy on behalf of people around the country living with ALS and their families.

We’re proud to have continued our work on the podcast Connecting ALS this year, a show that provides insight and community for those affected by ALS.

Support ALS Association here:

American Littoral Society
The voice of America’s coastlines–some of the most rich and important ecosystems in the world–the Littoral Society provides advocacy, education, and boots-on-the-ground shoreline restoration that helps the plants, animals, and people who live on our shorelines not only survive but thrive.

This past year we worked with the American Littoral Society on a video project about a community-based restoration project to protect Barnegat Bay. 

Support American Littoral Society here:

Bronx Charter School for the Arts
Since 2002, Bronx Charter School for the Arts has ignited the curiosity and creative drive of nearly 5,000 children with a student-centered approach that integrates rigorous academics with robust instruction in theater, music, dance, and the visual arts.

This year, we were proud to support Bronx Charter School for the Arts with a video project showcasing the heart and hustle of this awesome school.

Support Bronx Charter School for the Arts here:

The City Reliquary Museum
The City Reliquary is a not-for-profit community museum and civic organization located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Through permanent displays of New York City artifacts, rotating exhibits of community collections, and annual cultural events, The City Reliquary connects visitors to both the past and present of New York.

It’s been a delight to have served as production partner for the award-winning “Undiscarded: Stories of New York” in collaboration with the City Reliquary.

Support The City Reliquary Museum here:

Eisenhower Fellowships
Eisenhower Fellowships identifies, empowers, and connects innovative leaders through a transformative fellowship experience and lifelong engagement in a global network of dynamic change agents committed to creating a world more peaceful, prosperous and just.

It was our pleasure to work with Eisenhower Fellowships this year on a video project celebrating their 70th Anniversary.

Support Eisenhower Fellowships here:

Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation
IGCC’S mission is to use rigorous research, training, and engagement to improve policies and practices in ways that help reduce conflict and improve global cooperation. At its core, their work contributes to building a safe, more equitable and prosperous world—globally, nationally, and locally.

We’re delighted to collaborate with IGGC on an upcoming podcast miniseries, set to premiere early next year.

Support IGGC here:

Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation
Since its founding in 2005, NETRF has provided invaluable education and outreach and more than $30 million in support for research to provide better knowledge, support and treatment for the more than 175,000 people living with Neuroendocrine Cancer in the US.

We’re proud to have been the production partner for NETRF’s excellent podcast NETWise since it was created in 2019.

Support NETRF Here:

New York Edge
New York Edge helps bridge the opportunity gap among students in underinvested communities in the five boroughs of NYC by providing after-school and enrichment programs that improve academic performance, health and wellness, self-confidence, and leadership skills for success in life.

It’s with a lot of pride that we have now worked with NYE on 5 seasons of the podcast Formative (and counting!) and to have kicked off our Podcast Education program within their schools this year.

Support New York Edge here:!/donation/checkout

New York Academy of Sciences
With a membership of more than 20,000 scientists worldwide, The Academy drives innovative solutions to society’s challenges by advancing scientific research, education, and policy.We’ve proudly been producing podcasts for NYAS since 2012.

Support The New York Academy of Sciences here:!/donation/checkout

Police Athletic League
The Police Athletic League, together with NYPD and the law enforcement community, supports and inspires New York City youths to realize their full individual potential as productive members of society. PAL has an array of recreational, educational, cultural, and social programs that serve the youth of New York City.

This year we were proud production partners with PAL on the miniseries Keepin’ It Real: Teenagers Talk About Gun Violence, available wherever you get your podcasts.

Support PAL here:

However you give, thanks for making this a day to support the organizations that matter to you!