Produce a Video

Promotion, Advertising, Social Media, Nature, Science, Education, Animation: We have the skill, experience, and imagination to create emotionally engaging documentary video in any style and at any scale.


1. Conceive

Work with our client to clearly define the audience and goals for the series, and create a concept that will engage and inspire.



2. Plan

Write scripts, schedule interviews, and do whatever needs to be done to bring in projects on deadline and on budget.



3. Shoot

Top-quality video recording: in the studio, at events, in our client’s office or home, or in the field.



4. Edit

Structuring narratives into emotionally arresting visual experiences.


Case Studies

CWFNJ has been working a consortium of partners to tackle a largely unknown problem with wide-ranging ecological effects – the deposits of abandoned crab traps and other fishing tackle that collect at the bottom of bays and other waterways. In New Jersey’s Barnegat Bay, decades of these abandoned traps create deadly conditions for crabs, fish, and threatened species like the area’s beloved Diamondback Terrapins, who enter the traps looks for food, and either drown or slowly starve to death. In the innovative program highlighted in this short documentary, fishermen are hired off-season to fish for these traps, pulling them up from the bottom of the bay and delivering them to the local power utility who burn them to produce electricity. This creates an additional source of income for local fishermen, additional power for the region, and a cleaner and safer bay for everyone. To capture this story, we used a wide range of techniques – from talking-head interviews to aerial videography to specialist wildlife videography to braving the freezing waters of the bay in boats in January!
Research to Prevent Blindness has been one of the world’s most important sources of funding for research into treatment for eye disease since its founding 60 years ago. To celebrate this milestone, they commissioned an anniversary video that featured some of the exceptional scientists who have been beneficiaries of this support. Time was very tight, though, between getting the go-ahead to create this piece and when they needed it delivered, so we sent our videographer on a whirlwhind tour – conducting interviews in six different cities around the country in just ten days! RPB was thrilled with the result, and so are we.
A small parochial high school in the Fort Green neighborhood of Brooklyn, Bishop Loughlin Memorial has a remarkably outsized place in the history of Track and Field. Thanks to a series of truly exceptional head coaches, their teams have racked up decades of championships at the local, regional, and national levels. This short documentary tells the story of Loughlin track through interviews with students past and present and dozens of archival materials from their archives.

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